About us

Our goal is to design a grant procurement program to meet the particular needs of your nonprofit organization. This can include any of the following services:

Investigate philanthropic foundations and corporate giving programs using subscription databases and other internet resources
Develop funding prospect lists
Compose and format letters of inquiry
Grant proposals to solicit funding
Interim and final reports

Successful in business since 1996, we subscribe to Minnesota Council of Foundations and National Foundation Center databases, as well as many other online resources for prospect research. We have written many successful proposals funded by foundations, corporate giving programs, and government funding agencies, including:

Bush Foundation, A & B Walker Foundation, James R. Thorpe Foundation, Hardenbergh FoundationTarget Foundation, Thomson Reuters Corporate Giving, General Mills, Andersen Corporate Foundation

United Way, Metropolitan Regional Arts Council (MRAC)

Minnesota Department of Education, Minnesota Department of Justice,           Minnesota State Arts Board

National Endowment for the Arts, U.S. Department of Education

We bill on an hourly basis, invoiced monthly.  A retainer fee, usually an amount equal to the estimated cost of writing one grant proposal, is required before work can begin.