Minnesota Philanthropic Corporate Grantwriter


Connie designs grant programs to meet the specific needs of nonprofit organizations. Some nonprofits are looking for an outside “objective eye” to read and edit proposals they’ve already written. Others want a comprehensive grant funding program designed especially for their organization. Connie can do any or all of the following:

Investigate philanthropic foundations and corporate giving programs using subscription databases and other internet resources

Develop funding prospect lists

Develop a comprehensive grantwriting calendar for your organization, including deadlines for letters of inquiry, proposals, reports, and renewals

Compose and format letters of inquiry
Prepare grant proposals to solicit funding, prepare interim and final reports for your grants
Edit proposals, reports, and other documents that you've already prepared


Connie's specialty is helping nonprofits assess the grants they currently receive, and develop a grant procurement program, assessing the ‘holes’ in their current situation that need to be filled with additional grant support. She can then research potential funders based on the needs of each organization, using a national subscription database in addition to standard internet search engines. She creates a “grant timeline” for each client organization, with deadlines for proposals and reports, to make it easier for nonprofits to stay on top of all the requirements for each funder.

Once potential funders are identified, Connie can help your nonprofit create an “action plan” for each one. She has written many grant proposals and reports, including complex budgets, and has years of experience with all types of grant funding.

Connie is an excellent editor, and can help prepare your documents for publication or submission. She has years of experience editing articles, columns, grant proposals, and many other kinds of writing. Her primary goal as your editor is to help you speak with your own voice, and be understood with clarity by your intended audience.


Billing is on an hourly basis, invoiced monthly.  A retainer fee, usually an amount equal to the estimated cost of writing one grant proposal, must be paid before work can begin.