Welcome to my new website and grantwriting blog! Please visit cmartingrantwriting.net and check out the services I provide for nonprofits. I’m really excited with the energy this website gives me to grow in a new and more tech-savvy direction, and I hope that energy is contagious!

This blog will provide tips and ideas for improving your grant procurement process, and related articles or interesting links as I come across them. For starters, here’s good news from the Minneapolis Star Tribune about Wells Fargo’s plan to increase their philanthropy to 2% of profits!

­If you received this blog post, it’s because I’ve personally spoken with you about grant research and writing resources, or worked for you in the past or present. If you’d like to opt out of receiving them, just let me know at any time and I’ll take you off the list.

Thanks for sharing my newest venture –


Minnesota Philanthropic Corporate Grantwriter

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